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One Jewelry = One Tree


Shop: You can buy any Moon's Wish jewelry at any price.

Donations: At the top of each month, we count all the items sold and donate to our non-profit partner, the Earth Day Network (EDN).

Tree planting: EDN will select tree planting opportunities around the world and ensure that the trees planted are suitable for the local environment. In some cases, trees are planted in response to natural disasters such as forest fires or tornadoes. In other cases, trees are part of reforestation plans and urban regeneration. Special circumstances such as the needs of schools and public facilities are also recognized.

Make a difference: These trees not only bring significant environmental protection to each region, but also bring direct economic benefits to thousands of people to sustain themselves and the local communities. Trees can reverse the effects of land degradation and climate change. In addition, they provide food, energy and income to help communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability.


The gray sky and heavy pollution on earth not only shocked us, but also gave us a deeper understanding of this issue. Supported by the motivation to make changes, she learned how tree planting can help reverse the problem. So the love for trees was born. She plans to plant trees all over the world because the benefits are not just pollution.

Where is the tree species?

Since our establishment, our donation to EDN has planted trees in Haiti, India, and several places in Africa.