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Pearl Care Guide: How to Keep Your Pearls Looking Gorgeous

Pearl Care Guide: How to Keep Your Pearls Looking Gorgeous
  1. In order to keep the luster and color of the pearls unaffected, avoid contacting the pearls with acids, alkalis and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, styling water, shower gel, skin care products, etc. Do not wear pearl jewelry for swimming or bathing. Babies who love makeup should remember to put on your favorite pearl jewelry after makeup.

  2. Every time you wear a pearl, you must wipe the pearl clean and then put it away, so that the luster of the pearl can be maintained. It is best to use sheepskin or delicate flannel, do not use facial paper, because the friction of some facial paper will wear the pearls.

  3. Do not clean pearl necklaces with water. Water can enter the small holes of the beads, which is not only difficult to wipe dry, but may also ferment inside, and the beads may turn green. If you sweat a lot while wearing it, wipe it off with a soft, slightly damp, clean cotton cloth when you are not using it, and air-dry it. Do not wash it with any detergent, dry it naturally and put it back in the jewelry box.

  4. There are tiny pores on the surface of the pearl, so it is not suitable for it to inhale the polluted substances in the air. Pearls can absorb substances such as hair spray and perfume. So don't go to the barbershop with beautiful pearls, and be careful when in the kitchen. Do not wear beautiful pearls for cooking. Steam and oily smoke may penetrate into the pearls and make them yellow.

  5. Since pearls contain a certain amount of water, they should be kept in a cool place, avoid direct exposure to the sun, or put them in a place that is too dry to avoid dehydration and yellowing of the pearls.

  6. Each time you store pearl jewelry, store it separately to prevent other jewelry from scratching the pearl skin. If you plan to wear the bead chain on your clothes, the texture of the clothes is better to be softer. Materials that are too rough may scratch your precious pearls.

  7. Do not keep the pearls in the safe for a long time, and do not use plastic bags to seal them. Fresh air is needed between the pearls, and they must be worn out every few months to let them breathe. Otherwise the pearl will turn yellow easily.

  8. The silk thread is easy to loosen after a long time. You can check whether the silk thread is loose and replace it every 1 to 2 years. It is best to re-string the pearl every 3 years, of course, it depends on the number of times you wear it. The dirt that enters the small hole of the bead will generate friction, causing the nylon thread to break, and the broken position will be forced close to the button.

  9. Don't hang the bead chain for a long time. Over time, the thread will become loose and deformed, so it should be stored flat.

  10. Also, avoid contact of pearl jewelry with colored liquids, so as not to be stained with colors that are difficult to wash off.