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The Companion Misbaha Bracelet: Tiger's Eye And Ebony

· More Than a Bracelet
This isn't just jewelry. It's a 48-bead Misbaha for your spiritual needs.

· Peace in Every Bead
Premium Tiger's Eye, and Ebony Wood. A blend of timeless charm and unmatched quality.

· Reliability in Each Thread
Woven with thread 20 times stronger than steel, designed to resist abrasion and environmental wear – the foundation of our lifetime guarantee.

· Gift of Medinah's Essence
A perfect gift, combining the artistry of Medinah's heritage with practical spiritual utility. A true embodiment of meaningful gifting.

· Lifetime Assurance
We're confident in our work. That's why you get a lifetime replacement guarantee. Peace of mind, guaranteed.

· Innovative & Versatile
Advanced fastening for easy wear. Dual function as a misbaha and bracelet. Style meets spirituality.

· Handcrafted with Love
Each bracelet is a work of art, made with dedication, ensuring a personal touch in every piece.

We can tailor any jewelry style to your preference, and also adjust the size of the items on offer to suit your needs. Please reach out to us via email at info@moonswish.com


Pearls are one of the organic gemstones (e.g., coral, amber) in nature, which is naturally produced and cannot be obtained by artificial intervention. No one pearl will be exactly the same and it can't be flawless. It’s unique. Zero tolerance for flaws and perfectionists carefully place the order.

Common defects: white spots, water lines, pits, bumps, etc. These are all characteristics of natural gemstones.

At Moon's Wish Jewellery, we're not perfect but we do our very best to create eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable jewellery - and we're always striving to improve where we can.

  • We use gemstones in jewelry design. For gems that may be of high value and cannot be guaranteed to come from ethical sources, we try to source lab-grown or simulated gems as an alternative. In addition to environmental and ethical benefits, lab-grown gemstones have beautiful clarity and color and are much less expensive. We also use natural gemstones, but usually at lower prices and with fewer ethical issues associated with them.
  • The pearls used in our products are obtained in an environmentally friendly and marine animal-friendly manner.
  • Our products use 100% recycled gold and silver.

Jewelry should avoid exposure to chemicals(e.g. perfume, cosmetics, skincare products, bleach,etc.)

Avoid force collision to avoid deformation. Do not wear it when you working out.

Using a jewlry polishing clothing can instantly restore luster, but it will not eliminate scratches.