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Why choose Baroque Pearls?

Why choose Baroque Pearls?
Baroque pearls have been popular for some time, so you may have heard of them.

These irregular pearls break the traditional view that pearls must be perfectly round and smooth. Baroque pearls are suitable for modern women who want to express themselves. They are also perfect for those who like weirdness and uniqueness.

Baroque pearls are perfect for people who want to make a statement. This is different from the traditional classic appearance of typical pearls. It looks elegant and elegant, but it is different.

This is a new way to view pearls, and it eliminates the idea that pearls must be perfect. Baroque pearls celebrate imperfection and individuality, which fits perfectly with today’s view of expressing oneself through fashion.

Why choose baroque pearls?
In addition to the obvious physical differences with traditional pearls, choosing baroque pearls also has many advantages.

These are 3 reasons that distinguish Baroque pearls from traditional pearls and make them a great choice.

1- Unique shape
This is the most obvious difference, and in the past, it was considered a disadvantage, but today, it is the shape of Baroque pearls that makes them so popular.

Due to their unique shape, each baroque pearl is unique and has its own personality, giving them a natural, organic appearance. If not impossible, it is difficult to find two identical Baroque pearls. As fashion trends and tastes become more and more unconventional, self-expression has attracted much attention, and baroque pearls have become more and more important.

2- Creative jewelry design
Because of the shape of baroque pearls, jewellery designers have brought challenges, they often come up with novel ways to show the beauty of pearls.

Traditional pearls can only be set in many ways, but for baroque pearls, jewelers try to emphasize the unique shape of the gem. This usually leads to one-off, unique jewelry designs.

3- Extraordinary gloss
Baroque pearls are usually very shiny, thanks in part to the uneven surface of the pearl, and their interaction with light is different from a perfect pearl.
When light penetrates the nacre that makes up the pearl, it reflects off the crystal and returns to the viewer's eye, creating the luster we look for in the pearl. Baroque pearls have more angles and ridges than round pearls, allowing light to be refracted from all directions.